natural senior portraits in the beautiful pacific northwest

high school seniors


Congratulations! Senior year is here! Let's celebrate this amazing time in your life with a 2-hour custom photography session tailored just for you! We'll help you find the perfect location and plan an amazing session for you so that the real you can shine! 

You are one-of-a-kind... deserve a photography experience that is too!

Everything is customized just for you!

You've worked so hard, studied countless hours, gotten up super early every day, and now the finish line in sight... It wasn't always easy, but you persevered through it all. Celebrate this important milestone in your life than with a senior portrait experience that shows just what an amazing person you've become!

You only get to be a High School Senior once! 


  • Through your pre-session consultation and guides you'll receive, I'll help you decide which location is best for you, which is the best time of day, and I'll help you with what to wear so that you can look your absolute best!
  • And I'm here for you whenever you need help! My clients can always reach out any time!


  • We'll choose a location anywhere around and make it as adventurous as you like!
  • Two hours gives us plenty of time for you to relax and be yourself in front of the camera, time for outfit changes, time to explore different areas, and time to make it an amazing and fun experience for you, all without the stress of a shorter session!
  • I am there just for you! I limit sessions to only one session on a given day to ensure that you get the best light and the location that you want! There will never be another senior or family waiting to go right after you or finishing up right before you!

A Custom 2-Hour Session Just for You!

You're senior is wonderfully unique...
Let's give them a photography session that shows what an amazing your person they are!

A Pre-Session Consultation and Guides to Help You Prepare for an amazing Session!

Absoluely Gorgeous images!

  • If you've seen my work, then you know! I create beautiful images not just for some clients, but for ALL clients that I photograph! Every. Single. One. We're going to have an awesome time and create amazing images for you!
  • All images I show you are beautifully edited in my unique style! The hardest part is choosing your favorites, but I'll help you with that! :-)

  • We'll go through your beautiful images together and I'll help you narrow down and select your favorite images. And I'll help you find the best products to decorate your home too. Whether it's a wall gallery, an album, or anything else - I'll help you with sizes, colors, and formats to match your decor.

Help Choosing the Perfect Products and Images for Your Home!


Custom wall galleries for any size home or wall space!

~ Gift Prints ~
8x10:   $79
11x14:    $149
~ Wall Art: Starting at $279 ~
~ Albums ~
Luxurious custom designed 10x10 albums in a gorgeous presentation box: $1547

*These prices are for Senior sessions here in the greater Seattle area and Cascade Mountain vicinity. For sessions outside this area, travel fees may apply

Most families typically spend about $600 - $1500+ to have some beautiful artwork to display in their home and give as gifts to loved ones. There is no minimum purchase requirement and you don't have to decide anything until you see your final edited images!

  • A sharable (social media) size digital file is included with print purchase.
  • Printable digital files of all of the images edited from your session are complimentary with any combined print purchase of $1500 or more.
  • Sharable (social media) size of all images are complimentary with any combined purchase of $1000 or more.

perfect for the yearbook!

printed art:

Session Fee for a 2-hour senior session: $169

Everything else is purchased at your ordering appointment where you'll get to see the beautiful images I've captured and edited for you. I'll help you select your favorites as well as the best products and print sizes for your home or to give as gifts.

Just a few of the many beautiful and fun home decor options:

Digital Files:

2 hi-res digital files complimentary with any print purchases of $500 or more!
5 hi-res digital files complimentary with any print purchases of $1000 or more!

Special just for seniors!

For a complete pricing brochure, please complete our contact form here:

And so much more!

What clients are saying

"We booked James for a family portrait session and we couldn't be happier with the entire experience. Having your photo taken can often feel awkward but James helped us let our guard down and feel comfortable. James was great with our almost 2-year old son, as well. He was incredibly patient with him and did a great job making my son laugh and look at the camera. My wife and I were really impressed. Not only did the photo shoot go better than expected, but our photos were absolutely stunning! After sharing many of them online I had so many people tell me how much they liked them. Months later, I still have people telling me they saw my family photos and were blown away by them. My wife and I couldn't agree more."

                                           -Jon H.

"We are incredibly grateful to have found James Thomas Long photography! James is so good at what he does. He has photographed our family since we had our first child, and now our third. He uses outdoor lighting and landscape to bring nature's beauty into our family photos. We have found this to be a lasting and positive investment, as we have photography and beautiful wall canvases to cherish for years to come. We recommend him wholeheartedly."

                                    -Kristin P.

"James has been photographing our family every year for the last 5 years and we can’t imagine hiring anyone else. Our sessions with James have become something we all look forward to each and every year. He is patient, so great with the kids, and always truly amazes us with what he is able to capture. Every year, our images are absolutely stunning! We are so very glad we found him to create these beautiful memories for our family. From planning the session all the way through receiving our images and prints, I always know we are in good hands. It is absolutely wonderful to actually see my kids grow in the beautiful canvases James created for us that we now have displayed in our home. I’m so glad that we do this every year and look forward to our next session later this summer!"

                                       -Susan G.

"Couldn't be happier!"

"can't imagine hiring anyone ese!"

"incredibly grateful to have found james!"


1. Will you help me choose a location?
YES! I know so many amazing locations in the Puget Sound! I'll help find the perfect spot for you, based on your interests and input! And I'm always happy to explore new locations if you have something in mind!

2. What is the best time of year for senior portraits?
All of the seasons have something beautiful to offer, whether it's the green bloom of spring, the warmth of summer, the beautiful colors of fall, or the moodiness of winter. Most seniors book sessions for the summer before or the fall of their senior year, both of which are typically very busy times, so I recommend booking early before spaces in the fall fill up!

4. What is the best time of day for my senior session?
Sunset!!! And the hour just before sunset (called golden hour). Natural light is just so much better closer to sunset, so I really recommend avoiding doing any kind of portraits anywhere close to midday. This is also the reason that I photograph just one session on a given day - to ensure you get the best light possible for your session! I typically schedule all sessions to start about 2 hour before sunset (depending a little on location) so that we finish at sunset!

5. What if it rains?
I love photographing moody lighting and dramatic skies. And rainy days offer some of the best moody PNW lighting there is! BUT, we don't want to get drenched out there either, so we'll keep an eye on the forecast and if it looks pretty wet, we'll reschedule your session. I want you to have an amazing experience, so I'm happy to be flexible!

6. Can I bring pets to the session?
Absolutely! Pets are certainly welcome and are a great way to add some playful fun to your session!

7. Do you offer digital files? What about the yearbook?
YES! You'll get a file sized for social media of every print you purchase. And, for seniors, if you spend $500 or more on prints, you get to choose some hi-resolution digital files as well, which you can absolutely use for the yearbook!

8. Can I bring an outfit change or two?
Absolutely! Bring as many outfits as you like! I also bring along a collapsible changing tent that is great if we won't be near a car or bathroom. Most seniors typically bring along one additional outfit, but you are welcome to bring more, including accessories like jackets, hats, etc.!

High School senior sessions